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I'm an illustrative Designer in the streets...but mostly I'm a story teller that tries to tell each story as best as possible with what he has. I've illustrated children books, comics, created logos, digital portraits, story boarding, graphics, greeting cards, and heck I even hugged a polar bear once, don't worry I was gentle. 


Contact me if you have an idea, a concept, a Starbucks coffee stained napkin with scribbles on it whatever you're thinking, I will pull it out of your mind and make it happen...Or die trying. 


With working with teams, leading or following, it's important to know the strengths of those around you. While other times you have to know how to work with what you have, and become a teacher for a few moments. What I've discovered in working with people, it's never there ability, it's their attitude about there ability that separates the great from the not so good. Being flexible to learn,  I think, is one of the keys to being a great leader and creative.



The Red pill to my Illustrations, thoughts and creative perspective of my life and opinions. The behind the scenes stuff, and every now and then a tutorial here and there.

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