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AIN't I ain't I A.I.?

There's been some recent events that have grabbed the attention of the art world,

A.I. created art work. You don't know what it is? Well here's the skinny. There are a few applications or apps that make artwork based of of what you put in the search search or creator tool. This A.I. algorithm scourers the internet for anything and everything it can use to make your dreams come true, even steal. It uses millions of images to form the created art, a lot of these images are free use..while a big portion of the other images are made with other artist work!! It's crazy it's Blaspheme!! It's iRobot in the flesh, A man/or person...Ha Just kidding I chose violence this Morning a MAN building a chair with the grace and elegance of a fancier brings his skills to the test to create a piece of art you can sit, his blood sweat and tears have fused in this chair and makes the value of the chair increase. A man using his tools and all the skills that he has be taught through years of experience and handed down knowledge, his father was a chair maker, his fathers mother was also a chair maker...he learned it from her! ALL this history all this experience, all this TIME it took to make this GOD of a chair is un matched...until one day someone sees his chair and instead of making it by hand the other person with no back ground, with no knowledge of the artistry that was evolved in the creation of this chair, without remorse takes a device and scan this artwork of a chair and uploads a file to a computer, then the computer take that scanning file and send to a robot to recreate, that robot then begins to make this chair out one slab of wood, in one piece and under 3 hours where as the human man took 4 days. The chairs are identical, you can't tell them apart. But something has been set apart, and now one of the chairs is worth less and the other worthless. What was once valued is no longer valued, the man has lost his value, from the perspective of the general populous.The man took too long in making this, where-as the robot and technology did it in fractions of the time and effort and more efficient, some would say. The Man's knowledge, experience and skill has been copied and creation taken from him, with know Liam Neeson to aid him he has been beat.

Another story comes to mind, this was a folktale in the Americas, they would teach young kids about folk tales as if it were might have had a true origin in some form but all fiction none the less. One story in particular was the story of John Henry the still driving man, the man that fought, won and died against a machine that tried to best him. Now some say it's just folk lore and other say it's real. John henry a 19 year old sentenced to 10 years the penitentiary, convicted of theft was assigned the job of steel driving man. YES, an American boy, that descended from Africa was charge and sentences to work the rail road back in the 1870's. Now giving the the true history of America I'm sure this young African descended American probably wrongfully accused and just one of many young boys like that were taken to do this high labor low paying job. During this time Asians from Japan, and China were also being exported to the Americas to do this high labour job too, some even sided while working and buried underneath the train tracks.

The legend says that John Henry was one of the biggest strongest Ni...uh, yes one of the biggest and strongest Black men working the line that they (white folk) had ever seen. Disney states that he was just a working humble working man providing for his family, American folklore also says that he was boastful and arrogant. He would walk around saying I'm the strongest and biggest there is on this side of the mason-dixie-line...actually he didn't say that I added that, I figured why since everyone else is. One day slave owners..Uh I mean "Rail Road Bosses" brought a machine that could send nails down in the ground and rock with ease, better than the famed John henry. Im not sure which one is fictional factual , one source says the machine was made to bust up rock in a cave to make a tunnel for the trains, others say the machine was a huge raid road spike puncher. Either way they wanted to test it out and see how good it was compared to John Henry. So the Rail road workers get John to compete in this race, Man against machine and their off! John henry uses his super human strength and starts going, the machine starts doing what it was made to do and does well. Ole John says that and say's I can do better..John gets a better grip on his hammer and starts making way for him self rocks and or nail pikes are flying everywhere. (depending on which one you're reading he either busted up rock or spiking rail road nails.) Long story short...John Wins the machine starts to break but dear ole John's heart can't take it...he dies from a heart attack while in action, beating the machine at what is was made for.

Now with all that said I won't get into the specifics of why this is all Just trash.This story, being told to BLACK and white or African descended and European caucasian descended Americans at a very impressionable age, the story of a black man working his self to death to please the white people around him, that a young black man was killed because white people wanted to test therir machine out? For research purpose for sure, but also to send a message to other like him that you can be strong and black and young and you can probably beat us but you can't beat our machines we build. We'll let you die and then fix the machine and yes it else where, we don't care about your life...No no I won't get it that. I'll just talk about tech enology vs man.

It seemed like a tangent but follow me!

John henry, the man and the chair are all ideas and products of tech vs man. We live in a time now where not only can we go to a building to buy fruits and raw meat and etc...that we can actually go to our living room sit down and order something to be delivered within hours, heck Amazon will deliver a package before you even add to your cart, you thought about buying so therefore lets start shipping, lol. Technology has always taken someone job...phones and computers have taken away jobs from libraries, phones have taken jobs away from Phone operators. You don't even know what that Even artist use computers to DRAW, PAINT, and COLOR in one or two programs on a computer...becasue it's easier and less physical tools are needed. So the people who make printing pressing are out of business, people how made canvas for a living are now fossils, a lot of things we do as artists no matter what type of art we use tech and techniques to be more innovative. but most of all Artist steal from artist all the time. An artist see something they like and take make it there own...but we call it inspiration lol. "..I was inspired by the way the world spins and by the way bridge man draws feet.." -EVERYONE.

Artist like my self are outraged, and then to add the icing on the cake...Celebrities are using this Ai to make versions of themselves and then posting it...OH's real! Why are the artist looking crimson red you ask?? Well Artist have been drawing celebrities for years as a way of getting notice on social media, kind of like how paganistic rituals would idolize fake gods for I'm not making this stuff up. An artist was actually jealous of the A.I. for making the art that the celebrity made for them self to show on social media, they felt slighted that the celebritiy didn't go on their own instagram and social media account and find them to take the portrait they created and make a post about how good this portrait is for all of man to see and make this person get ore likes and or famous enough to where people would start wanting to pay this person for there art. WELL this aint 1605 and The internet Never misses...even with the Bitcoin art boom a few MONTHs ago...just a few months ago everyone was making art to sell for crypto, buying art for crazy amounts of money just to say they the original one of one...To regular people that meant a lot...but to people that had a right click on there mouse saw another opportunity..Copy and past LMAO!!!! Im not making this up! and then Artist looking at that and was " uh free ideas I can make my self" lol. FYI all of an artists 7 10 senses download information so much faster the a "a copy to download."

As a matter of fact I artist who see things that other artists make and immediately remixes and tells the artist who made the creation how to make it even better! lol. It's called the first day at ANY ART school, it's After you watch a movie or listen to a song. As a artist and musician, I see and hear something and my brain on AUTO pilot downloads flips it and reverses it and I can hum a new melody while still hearing a new composition of music at the same time! Nah you do it to, your processor is a bit slower because you don't use it as often as I do. My mind immediately sees a great idea or art work, I take it flip it and reverse and change the context of it and give it a new fresh look and feel, and bam another artist see it and does THE EXACT SAME THING!!! But Brycedius...THe A.I. app company doesn't give money or credit to the artist...Yea your right, atheist do the same thing. But your art is being stolen because you place it on the internet for FREE!!! If you say it on the internet and publish it on the internet it is not the same as publishing bodies of work in the REAL world, the internet has it's own rules like the US but with more racism and sex trafficking and slavery. Why would you think that your work would be safe from a A.I based in a COMPUTER! But you know what an A.I. can steal... finished printed work...published in real life, paints done in real life, websites that have blockers that prevent ANYTHING and ANYONE from "command C'ing" your baby. lol I thought that was funny. artwork on paper, art that is not on social media for the world to see. Your the artist, but that's only one facet of you that you use your artistry in. Become an entire artist in every part of your life, CREATE was to broach your self and then see if it works and show someone else how to to do it. Then you can make a company that protects A.I. from from steal ideas and money and charge other artists who aren't aware and make them pay lol. Im just halfway kidding but by the time I publish this someone is already thinking about the idea! what's also funny is that A.I. art can also make ANIT-A.I. art lol.

This post has a lot of typos, just the right amount to the point where you can read but an A.I. doesn't want to use it lol

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