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Updated: Sep 28, 2020

I don't deal with stress well, I say that in this way because I don't know actually when I'm under stress. Unless it's labeled and screaming "I'm STRESS," it tends to fall by the way side, until I feel it in my shoulders or other parts of my body, and then it's too late right. It's traveled from the mental into the physical and now I'm playing catch up! Maybe the reason is because I never wanted to be that artist that only produces work when either under stress or only be creative when hyper emotional moved. Oddly enough we all turn into that artist after a while and for a brief time, we enjoy it. So here's my contribution to being that artist, to say what's on my mind ignoring the cautions, sort of speak, and to stay as "SANE" as possible!

Since this is one of my very first post of the new site, maybe me introducing my self would be nice. I'm Brycedius Samples, I grew up here in Atlannuh, Ga. Where red clay stained my feet and the memories of 'Freak-Nic' whisper in the air, lol. Where Outkast and Goodie Mob reign supreme, where Chris Bridges was named 'Chris Luva-Luva' on the radio. The same place where if you lived anywhere near Riverdale or College Park, you said you lived not to far from Holifeild's house lol. (y'all know what I'm talking about!) My father was and artist and my mother, a medical professional. Being the only boy of 3 sisters was as about as much fun as it sounds lol.

I had an artisan and 'care-taker' in my blood, and 'Make it not Buy it' mentality growing up so I tried to learn how things work, and from there to studying at SCAD for a good few years before realizing that I was paying for an experience and not an education. Don't get me wrong, if you can go please do, but know why and for what reasons. Do that with everything and you'll be better off actually. I studied music in the form of guitar, and widen my artistic license that way as well, never a dull moment. Now I focus more on art direction for commercial use and illustration/logo work for the agencies. It's been an interesting ride, from freelance to working with teams to leading teams of creatives. I'm taking a leap of faith in this new world of digital expression and trying it out for my self. With all that said, my main and pretty much only focus is to tell the best story I can with what I have, to impact those around me, to share what I have to better my family, you and your family, and maybe the world. I Keep hearing that I 'Cant save the world'...might be true..but all I know is I wake up everyday with the same feeling like I can. I'll go with my gut on this one, plus the world doesn't need saving, that's already happened, it just needs a reminder of what it can be.

Take care, and remember..."If the inside of your mask's your breath.."


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