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Poppa's got a brand new...Crown?

It's always a great idea to rebrand or change a functional happenstance or name, but it's not aways so easy to come up with. The most frustrating part is separating the good ideas from the great ones. Once that is properly in order, you have to make sure that the idea has a long life for a campaign to market. That in time, if need be, subtle changes that may be needed will only be an added accent to what you've already done. I call it the "New shoes and hat."

For this I decided to try a few new things that I normally wouldn't do. I choose shape over color and and color as a statement of bold statements while using space to slow down or speed up time in-between the composed figures. With all the space, like a song, the space to let the music play and for you to listen to and vibe is always a good thing! As a designer I think it is wise to have a mental or physical library of content of ideas figures, symbols, saying, quotes, etc to use when needed. I used some attributes from my old Mind Palace and used them. I hope you find this helpful and pleasing, so enjoy the space and the Crown...I actually love the idea of showing a symbol of power around the inevitable power of negative space...Makes the "man-made power" feel so...small lol.

take care!

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