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Sometimes to be better you have to be lifted...

Not only a true statement but a very interesting position one has to be in to be lifted. As a child you are lifted up into almost every place possible.

You're lifted into your HIGH chair, lifted to the car seat, lifted out of the birth canal.(sometimes)

Any time you are lifted from the place where you were, you got placed else where.

We don't have many liftings going on being grown up, if you think about it we seldom see many people get lifted. Being air lifted from a helicopter, elevators, escalators, etc. As a baby we would get lifted so much that we took a certain position to get lifted on our own terms. Arms reached out and over our heads, I think as adults we need to take this position toward the one that can pick us up! Being in this position states that one I'm no longer in control of what's to come nor do I want to be lol. Two, that whatever I'm trying to get up from I'm having difficulty and three I need help with all that I have going on. You can be lifted by kind words of truth, an affirmation, and just simple yet powerful good ole' fashion LOVE. Other times you are lifted out and then after while placed back where you came from, just so that you can come back in with a different mind set, and different perspective to allow maybe a chance at another opportunity, or a way to get out of something else. Although we won't become children we can be more child like in a sense of letting those around us that we trust and count on that "I'm not ok or that I am ok," but I want to be better. Lifting your hands up globally is a sign of surrender, but lifting your hands and looking up...that's worship, but with palms turned facing each other signifies a direction from which you are trying to receive from.

Either way, be lifted!

Another great song to help motivate and strengthen you during the week!

Rudy Currence, again a phenomenal person and a great friend, hit me up and asked if I wanted to be apart, and during this time in life I needed to be lifted, so I took the lift lol!


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