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The clem'n'tine Paper inc

As I spoke about the update design (Home Depot) in the previous post I did the same for this one, but this was super minimal. I'm a very linear designer, when it comes to words. I think of words in straight lines for some reason, even in the initial sketch it's always a straight linear line to represent my literature. I think I do this because I think it's more of a regal design aspect, It's bold. But now that I'm talking about it, I might be subconsciously exerting my masculinity and sexual orientation into the design in the form of straight clear lines...That was a mouth full, ...Thanks Doc I feel some much better! What's also funny is how I came about this change in the design, it came from a female designer, smh... I know full circle right!! (you'll see what I did there later) As an illustrator you can tell ( rather I can) if the illustration was done by a man or a woman. I'm not putting anyone and their art in a box I'm just discussing patterns.

Men focus on the shape of a body, the physical aspect, the exterior, the shown thought...while women focus on the emotion of the body, the language. For instance, some female artist focus on the mood, and the eyes...what they're saying without saying, giving the character depth. Most male illustrators don't focus on the internal struggle, it's either small thought and after thought of action, before and after, no between. Both work in their respects but it works even more when you add them together, in my humble opinion that is.

I said all that to say that this particular change I re-learned from a female designer was soo simple and yet I over looked it numerous times, to use round shapes again. Her name is Sydney Michuda, I saw a post on youtube a few days ago, and I liked her work and her use of shapes to convey a message and keep the negative space interesting. it's funny because I use circular shapes all the time while drawing a figure but for some reason (the ones you previously helped me with) I wouldn't use organic shapes in the design aspect, but Now I'm free!! Mind you I'm taking baby steps, lol don't judge my small accomplishments lol!

See...I told you it was small, but it makes a substantial difference!!

take care

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