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The Depo Update

Normally I work out ideas and they come pretty often as far when they come.

For example if a new client has come to me for some visuals I start sketching in my head.

A lot of the time they come right then and there, other time it takes a few days to get some more variations... This is one of those times. I'm just being transparent in the fact that the first 10 ideas that come in a day aren't always it, or the first initial idea isn't as strong as it could be, you just have to think faster and use your time wisely to get those great ideas to the surface quicker. You have to practice being creative when you're not. I was about to go to bed and I noticed that the negative space within the design had too much space, causing distance in relation. I thought about making the interior part of the design a balanced out negative space. The design still answers and solves for X, and I only had to change minimal aspects about the design.

I think with just the logo visuals, it doesn't do justice if you don't mock up certain ideas and bring the entire "Design" pitch or presentation to life. Try to think in terms of product placement with all your designs. Again some will work some won't.

Take care

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