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We're All just Practicing

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

This is a loaded comment right?

Doctors are professionals and they still PRACTICE MEDICINE....interesting right, professional sports teams still practices. It's weird when you think about but, Lebron James has a coach...Michael Jordan had a coach...Venus and Serena have coaches now!

So what does that tell you? As an adult you can have everything go to plan or not and still need to learn or gather more information or essential tools, to practice is a part of growth. That's why I have sketch books and I have instruments that I play to keep certain skills up. Certain things aren't a deteriorating skill, but some are and I try to make sure that I don't let time creep up on me and steal something from me....Like telling jokes. It's tough but someones gotta do.

So what ever you have to practice as an adult, do so. It would be even more pragmatic of a life, maybe. Like practice listening, in a relationship, any kind for that matter. Wife, husband, children, friend, sister, brother, mom, dad, and etc. It can even work in your workships...Yea thats right, work people, you can practice getting along or better yet actually working together. It works best on yourself, actually knowing where you are in the long process of you.

Personally I don't have many issues out side my self other then the constant battle between my imagination and my pockets, but thats for another transparent time. I said all that to say what ever it is just practice and keep going, cause one day you'll see that practice won't make you perfect it makes you MONEY!

take care

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