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Sunset BLVD

When I'm working on the computer or just at the drafting table I make sure I always look at the horizon to get back into equilibrium. Sometimes looking at the horizon after a long day of Life, whether good or bad, is a moment to just relax. Theres only two ways to look at the sun without shades or solar goggles and it's sunrise and sunset. Sunsets can be a means to an end or a sunrise a new beginning. Metaphorically speaking, the "silver Lining" of a cloud, which indicates sunshine is always there or is coming, gives some a sense of hope. For me there's a certain time of day where you can see a tribe, at dusk. Where the sky turns red, orange, and even pink or purple all at the same time. When the sun looks so red it seems like a movie overlay. That's the time of day I love, where the light changes all the natural colors of everything. It transforms your actual vision, it plays with your color cones in your eyes. To some it isn't a pleasant feeling they get, it's uneasy and disorienting, to others it's as if they've been waiting for this moment their entire life.

Now a days life has taking a new normal, doesn't look/ feel the same. Everything is different, seems weird even foreign maybe, but to others the change has been invited. For some they've been waiting for this time for a life time. From a global threat to nation wide political agendas to basic human rights being infringed apon. Regardless of your views, agenda, and beliefs take time to recalibrate yourself to properly see what's actually going on around us. Get to a new and better equilibrium and find that place of true peace that enables you to look past the discomfort of the new, and see the next sunrise. The change is scary, but so is the dark before the dawn.

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