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Well, hey there, it's been a min right? So...How you's the family? I see you've changed your look...No I like it it's stop it's good! Me? oh well I got married earlier this year, became a Husband and father all with in a blink of an eye...officially. Yea I'm also the repair man, the family body guard, grounds keeper and a list of other things I'm not aware of yet, lol. I'll only know when it calls. Technically I play more music now, on a bigger platform to help people. I didn't think I would be in this capacity now but I'm glad I am. I made some new friends, I believe good friends can help gain a perspective on life, which enables you to potentially be better.

This whole year, of all the things I've become and all the things I've started and done, I've not drawn/painted/illustrated anything much this year for my self. Actaully not one thing. I'm not talking for profit or for someone else, I'm talking just for me... Not for instagram just to say I have #WIP. Everyday something odd happens, and it's become apart of the forefront of my mind, something I started looking forward to at the end of my days, and sometimes it would just happen.

Everyday, after work, I get home and I see a vision right between me getting out the car and going into the house. Not a vision of the future, premonition or a psychic episode. A vision of what I could be freeing from my mind, a illustration/painting just for me, but also of me. I tend to think that it's a foresight of what I could be working on daily to keep my skills relevant. But that is not the odd part... The vision is me in the clothes I wore that day floating above the ground, it's the floating.The floating is a specific type I feel, between just a few inches to 5 feet off the ground, weightlessness, and yet grounded at the same time, very intentionally spaced. No sign of what's helping float or a "power source" just me floating. My toes tilt downward, sort of hanging naturally, and relaxed. That's the other thing I seem so relaxed, mostly opposite of how I'm feeling...DOC?...DOC!?... HEY DOC I think that's your phone vibrating...

-Sorry I got lost in my notes, as you were...The floating...Feeling relaxed or at peace..what was the area around you like...where were you?

No no, it's fine, ...Umm yea I would be right where I am...So for example I'm sitting in this room laying back, and here I am floating in the middle of the room, but I'm witnessing it, and my back is always turned to the "Me" looking at it, Like it's a movie and I'm watching my self from a far.

I'm never moving, just floating still, my clothes aren't moving unless there's wind, I'm never moving up or down or any real direction, but my head seems to be always looking up. I see all this in a digitally painted way, like for me to draw. Other times it looks like a film, with a really good cinema camera. The color grading is on point! I think it's my foresight showing me what I could be working on to continue to push a part of me that I love soo much and at the same time I've neglected so much.

It happens everyday, and I don't feel pressure, I just feel like I'm missing it. Maybe this part of that I see floating feels more stable then I do standing on the ground. Maybe to be floating, I feel more at ease or balanced, because standing requires having something under neath you, the ground. The ground of the floor beneath you can be in any condition. Uneven, dirty, not leveled, soft, hard, etc the list goes on but to float in mid air thats nothing to worry about because there's nothing there.

-Missing it?

Yea Missing it, Like once I was there before, Like it's a memory but presence time and day.

I miss floating and being in balance and in peace with in my self and what ever is around me. When I think about it, I felt this or remember something similar before, but it always pertains to the relationship I was in at the time. I felt the pressure of being purified by being in the furnace, burning out impurities to be refined, I felt the hopelessness and anger of going through hard times alone even though I wasn't alone when the harsh times started. This feels like those, but not those in feeling, more of their relevance of being super consistent. After a while they went away when the situation left , but I think that's where this differs..and..

- It seems we have reached the restraints of our time today, Thank you for sharing...One take away I think would be vital in your day to day is to one day indulge on this feeling and do what it's asking of you and see what happens.

Thanks...I'll try

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