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This Guy....the Artist

It's been some time since I've actually decided to do anything with my likeness for sometime using my image to create something unique. I guess it was time...I always take artistic licenses and certain liberties to help a narrative of an image to move quicker or slower through the art, or to make your self say, is that real? I like using the basic of what I have and then try to add 90% of thought lol. I didn't have a theme for this one in particular until I was almost finish with it. Similar to the other "artist" themed image below I had similar aspects and attitude of the image already there. The difference in this one is the thought, or the awareness of the nothing.(negative space) It's much slower then the other image. Funny how body position can change the way you perceive the intention. I've been having a yellow kick as of the last 6 months...I don't know why, but I'm starting to really like it and it's aspects of variable definitions. The theme that I got after I was almost complete was "What if..." In my case I haven't seen my head shape in over 100 years it seems, so what if I did cut it all off? Staying in a creative mindset can open certain aspects of your actually being, diving deep into your self only to make a different for the better is the key. Taking a creative look at my self is least I think so lol.

take care

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